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Going zero waste is not going to save the planet

I have been on this zero waste journey for a while now, and although I have had a few major setbacks, I have managed to overcome most of the challenges. We waste less, although not even close to zero. And when we do have waste, we are more conscious of it and try to dispose of it in the most responsible way. That being said, I will never pat myself on the back that I am saving the planet, one plastic-less day at a time. I am not naïve, and I can see the damage that has already been done and that we are continuingly doing.  And unfortunately merely going zero waste will not solve the problem.

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My favourite zero waste bloggers {South Africa}

Although Zero Waste is not a new concept, it is yet to take off in South Africa. We have a few ambassadors, and people who have taken to the movement like a fish in plastic-filled water. But there is room for a lot of improvement. We are trying to make our own mark, and to live our best life and in such a way lead by example. But that is not possible without a bit of inspiration and motivation, and for that I like to follow like-minded individuals. So I read other people’s blogs and posts and follow them in their daily lives. If you would like to do the same, here is my list of the best zero waste bloggers in South Africa

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Zero waste celebrations - Greening Christmas - How to cloth wrap using the Japanese art of Furoshiki [Christmas series]

As part of our drive to waste less, I have decided to try my hand at cloth wrapping. A Japanese tradition used for over 1200 years, cloth wrapping is referred to as Furoshiki, and it is traditionally used to transport clothes, fresh produce, gifts or other goods. The word translates to “bath spread”, referring to the historical use of carrying dirty clothes to the bathhouses in these cloth ‘bags’. The whole practice is an embodiment of Japanese beliefs in beauty, versatility, practicality and thoughtfulness. Furoshiki “bags” used to be used instead of plastic bags. What makes it great is that you can adjust the size of the bag depending on how you fold it, and even a big bag folded from a big cloth can still be folded small enough to fit in a pocket or handbag when it is not used. It can also be used to carry different sized objects, even those with funny or difficult forms.

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