You are going to be ok, and everything is going to be alright

Trust me, this too shall pass

Even the biggest storm will eventually run out of rain, and like that, this too shall pass.

You are going to be ok, #covid #2020vision #corona

Like you, we are all in the midst of a storm. Yeah, you heard me – it seems like you are not that unique sister. We are all busy fighting battles. Some of your battles might seem insignificant or even laughable to me, and vice versa. What I am struggling with might never come on your radar, or ever be of importance to you. And some of the things that I am complaining about you might be dreaming of. Life is difficult, but that does not make it any less beautiful.

Globally we are all in some form of lockdown, quarantine or isolation. Being cooped up in our houses, with little to no outside contact, have given people lots of time to either create storms or solve a few of them. I am now half-way through a 21-day lockdown, during which we are not even allowed to go for a jog. We are literally locked up in our houses – the only time we are allowed out is to go buy food or medicine, and even then only 1 person at a time, wearing a mask, and you need to be in and out as fast as you can. We are allowed to buy essentials, which include food and drink (no alcohol), school supplies, baby and kids clothes, and chemicals for cleaning. I am in the house with my two kids, my Mom, and my Gran. We have enough space to give each other space, but after 11 days even that is of little comfort.

Life goes on

While I am sitting here worried about the future of my business, how my kids will ever catch up in school, if we will be able to buy fresh vegetables the next time we venture out and how we will pay the rent at the end of the month, I realise that my problems in itself show how much I have to be thankful for. I have a business, and enough savvy and creativity to work something out, my kids have the privilege to be in a school and they will just have to work a bit harder to catch up. We can afford to venture out, to look for food, which we can then afford to cook. We have fridges and equipment. And my worry about the electricity? We have electricity! My problems are things that other people might be dreaming about. Things that will make them feel privileged.

That was something I had to remind myself of very sternly. This morning was tough. The kids wanted ALL THE THINGS, there is never any time for me to work, the kitchen is dirty, everyone wants breakfast, plus I am going through an emotional rollercoaster of epic proportions over and above the current epidemic rollercoaster. In situations like that, it is easy to lose focus, to forget that what you have is only enough if you focus on what you have. If you focus on the holes or what you lack you will never be satisfied.

If you are struggling to find the good to focus on, now is the time to start a gratitude practice! Don’t know where to start? Start with my journal prompts, get them here

You are going to be ok, #covid #2020vision #corona

How do I know that everything is going to be ok?

Of course, I can mindlessly spew a few one-liners to try and explain how everything is going to be ok. Things like “all will be well in the end. If it is not well, it is not the end”, or “some storms do not come to disrupt but rather to clear the way” but I do not find them particularly helpful. I know everything is going to be ok because if you look back you will realise that you have already survived your worst day. That thing you thought you would never be able to do? You did it. That time you thought you were not going to make it? Guess what, you did. You are still here, you are still fighting. The ring has changed, but the rules have not. Life will never stop throwing the punches, so you can never stop to duck and retaliate. The more you practice, the stronger you will get. That does not mean life will stop being difficult. It just means you will start to see each situation for what it really is – a situation, a fleeting moment in the long line that is your life. A time where if you just keep your head down and do the work you will get through.

And that is how I know

This is a shitty situation. Being alone, or being with your family (which is sometimes even worse) can bring up so many old wounds, or create new ones. Things that never bothered you might start bothering you know. The way that caged animals start growling at anything. But if you change your perspective you can see this time as a gift. Time to slow down, if not stop completely, to reassess what is important, what is insignificant and what is worth pursuing. Time to flex those muscles, practice your punches and maybe even slay a few of the foes in your head. When this time has passed, which it surely will, you will emerge a new creation. One of your own making.

You are going to be ok, #covid #2020vision #corona

Everything is going to be ok. You are going to be ok.

You are going to be ok, #covid #2020vision #corona