What if you fly

But what if you fly?

You are allowed to have dreams, and you will find the courage to pursue them

But what if you fly, your dreams are important Alifeleadsimply.com #vision #2020vision #goals

Do you have a dream? Do you have something that fires you up, that kicks you out of bed in the morning? So many of us, especially us women, believe that we do not have a dream. For long I believed that about myself. I thought dreams and goals where stuff for other people – I get bored too easily, I give up too easily, it is too overwhelming. Whatever my excuse was, I now realise how foolish and weak they were.

We all have dreams. Some of us have hidden them so well that we just don’t realise that we have them. Or for some of us, our dreams have become so muddled into our everyday mundane lives that we cannot distinguish them anymore. And for others, dreams feel too big, too unreal, to ever belong to them. Here is looking at myself.

Your dreams are tied in with your life’s purpose.

Or that is as much as I believe. Maybe that is why I thought I didn’t have dreams – I was so unclear on my life’s purpose. And even more importantly, I was scared.

But what if you fly, your dreams are important Alifeleadsimply.com #vision #2020vision #goals

I was scared

I was scared that if I acknowledged that I had dreams I would disappoint someone. Someone who I love, and who thinks of me in a certain way. That someone changed depending on the situation. Sometimes it was my partner, sometimes my kids, sometimes my family. Sometimes myself. What if I started chasing my dream and it flopped? Or I went about it all wrong and I failed?

But even more, what if I actually succeeded? Would I be a bad partner if I loved what I did? If I actually made money and became self-dependent? Would I be a bad mother if I chose to also have a career? Would my kids still feel loved and cherished? Would I be a bad daughter if I sometimes said no? And would my family and friends still treat me the same?

What if you fly!

What if I do it so well that I start to believe that I am enough, that I am worthy? Oh, what chaos would it create if I became the woman I was meant to be! Would it be inspirational or frightening?

So often we are scared to try not because we are scared to fail but because success scares us more. We tire ourselves out asking what if, then, even more, trying to think of reasons why not to. And then we keep on convincing ourselves that we do not have dreams.

Find your why, find your purpose. Tie it to a dream and a goal. And face your fears – what if you fly? Well my girl, then you fly to the sun!

But what if you fly, your dreams are important Alifeleadsimply.com #vision #2020vision #goals

I have stopped asking why. I have allowed myself the beauty of dreaming, of hoping, and of working my ass off to achieve my goals. And you know what? I will fly!

But what if you fly, your dreams are important Alifeleadsimply.com #vision #2020vision #goals