The purpose of life

The purpose of life, Alifeleadsimply
The purpose of life, Alifeleadsimply

It might surprise you

For the longest time, I thought that I agreed with Aristotle that there is only one reason for living, and that is to be happy. He reportedly said, “Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” 

I so desperately wanted to be happy. Without happiness, what else was there? And for some of my life, I really thought that I WAS happy. Here and there there were downswings, but life inevitably picked up and I was happy again. So why was I not fulfilled?

When I sat down to think about it, to delve deep and determine my why I came to the conclusion that happiness was not the end-goal. It was a by-product of the end-goal, an added bonus if you will. If you determine your actual purpose in life and start to strive for it, to work for it, to dream about it and to realise it, you cannot help but be happy.

The purpose of life, Alifeleadsimply

So what is the purpose of life if not to be happy? 

I sincerely believe the purpose of life is to mean something. To be useful to someone. To take a cause, a belief, a movement, something, and turn it into something else that can change lives. Even if you only get to change your own life. 

When we have meaning, when we live for something other than just our own ego, we become useful. We become contributing members of society. We become part of the group. Being useful and having a purpose gives us a reason to belong. 

Isn’t that what we mostly long for? Belonging? Being understood?

Find your purpose by determining how you can be useful. And then bask in the glow of happiness!

I hope you know your why, and that your why will lead you to your purpose, so that you too can be happy.

Until next time, never stop smiling!