Asking for help doesn’t make you weak – it reveals strength, even when you don’t feel strong

Asking for help makes you strong, Alifeleadsimply single parenting advice

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. This I have known for ages, sure you have also come upon this nugget. Yet we still feel incapable of reaching out and admitting that we, maybe, cannot do this alone. Why is it that we easily offer and give help to others, but asking for ourselves seem to be the taboo? And why do we see ourselves as less capable when asking?

4 ways single moms can defeat overwhelm

4 ways single moms can defeat overwhelm, Alifeleadsimply single mom single mama parenting advice

Being a PARENT can be overwhelming. Taking the responsibility of another tiny life on your shoulders can not NOT be overwhelming, right? Now try to do that as a solo parent – being the only one responsible for the day-to-day safety, security, happiness, and health of those tiny human beings. In that case, the word OVERWHELM doesn’t even start to describe how you feel.

What I have learned being a single mom – my first 6 months [Free survival checklist]

What I have learned being a single mom, my first 6 months, Alifeleadsimply

Being a single mom was never part of the plan. It definitely was not how I thought my life would go, or how I would be raising my daughters. I never dreamt that the three of us would be left in South Africa, while their father moved a continent away, and that my marriage would dissolve. But here I am, separated and alone with two beautiful girls, looking at me to fix their entire worlds.