Gnudi, Alifeleadsimply easy dinner recipes, meat-free dinner ideas

When I started on my low-carb zero sugar journey the thing I found to be the hardest was to not have pasta. I love love love pasta. Then my gnocchi was also taken away – no potatoes. Heartbreaking stuff. As I have gone on with this journey I have relaxed a bit and so I … Read more Gnudi

Bacon and egg cups

Bacon and egg cups, Alifeleadsimply easy breakfast or snack recipes

We live busy lives, as I am sure you do to. This recipe was born out of that rush – so many mornings we run out the door only to realise that we have not eaten and have nothing to take with. So I started making these cups with the idea that on these mornings I could grab a frozen egg cup, which will then defrost in the car and be ready for lunch. Or if you have an office job, with a microwave, you could quickly heat it up for a hot breakfast at your desk. They make the perfect snacks for that afternoon energy slump, and I have also on occasion given them to the kids for dinner… So many possibilities!

Mushroom stir-fry

Mushroom stirfry, Alifeleadsimply meat-free recipes, easy dinner ideas

We try to eat meat-free at least once a week but usually those dishes end up to be a curry or a soup. So this week was a bit different – a stir-fry with no meat! Of course, meat is not necessary, especially since the mushrooms give the dish a wonderful meaty flavour and taste.