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Balance. According to me, the most unattainable state there is. Don’t get me wrong - I am not saying that it is impossible, I am simply saying that believing that you will figure your life out and then it will stay that way is naive and improbable. Balance is something that requires work. Since we live in a constantly changing world, in bodies that are permanently adjusting and that need refueling often, with many diverse needs, aspects and factors, we cannot simply think that there will be a 1, 2, 3 step program and after that all will be well.

No, rather than a simple solution, balance is what you achieve by delicately and in-detail looking at your needs, your wants, your dreams, and then continuously calibrating your lifestyle to find a semblance of balance. Of course there are many things to take into consideration, and most likely you will find that the moment that one thing in your life becomes more important than the others, your life can quickly spiral out of control.

To me, a balanced life will consist of the following 6 aspects, each equally important, and each equally challenging to keep in check:


Each of these aspects, or parts of your life and who you are, should be equally important, and each aspect can be subdivided even further. Let us look at these aspects each in a bit more detail:

  • Mind -

What we think, how we think, and when we think divines us more than the clothes we wear, even the people that we surround ourselves with. In any case these decisions will flow from our minds, which forms beliefs, habits, and ultimately lifestyle. To balance our minds, as part of a balanced life, we need to take into consideration our mental health, habits and routines, behaviour, memory, and our decisions.

  • Nature -

Mother Earth is absolutely ingenious and gorgeous, and we were chosen to live here with her. That is the hidden truth - we were chosen to live with the planet, not on it or because of it. Synergy, balance and peace. To balance the relationship we have with nature, and ultimately to bring that balance into our everyday lives, we have to think about how we protect the earth, how we contribute to waste, as well as the natural alternatives that we can safely and effectively use as part of our lives.

  • Work -

Since work plays a major part of our lives, this should be one of the first places that you tackle in order to bring your life back in balance. Setting up healthy parameters, having the right goals, and choosing the right mentors are all steps in the right direction. As you can see on the diagram above, work should be equally important as the rest of the aspects, even if you spend most of your time there. I know, that is tricky! Things we will discuss as part of your work balance include your attitude and beliefs regarding money, how to set and achieve your goals, being an entrepreneur and overcoming those challenges, how to be productive and focus, and how to nurture your creativity.

  • Relationships -

How we treat others is a direct reflection of how we treat ourselves. Self love starts with other love, and usually ends with it as well. Most things in life goes full circle. If you have healthy and strong relationships with the most important people in your live you not only have a solid support network, but you also have a tribe of people who can gently and in love call you out when you are going of track. Much like a recovering addict has a sponsor your loved ones becomes your safety net, your defense system and your personal cheer-squad. These relationships cover friendships, partnerships, kids, colleagues, and yourself.

  • Spirit -

We are all spirits, living here in temporary bodies. Once you realise this is all fleeting, you should have an urge to know more than yourself. Bringing your spiritual life into balance takes more than simply discovering or deepening your faith. It covers being spiritual in any context, and ends in learning how to serve others. To help with this balance, I have added meditation to this aspect.

  • Body -

Lastly, our bodies. The temporary homes of our eternal spirits. Being kind and attentive to your body, the ultimate goal of a balanced life, means paying attention to what you eat, when you eat, how you move, the products you use, and how much you sleep. As I already mentioned, balance is a continuous thing - when external factors change, we need to adapt in order to keep our balance. In this case that can mean drinking more water when it is hot, moving less when you are in pain and sleeping more when you are anxious or overwhelmed.

When you bring your life into balance you get to become an expert in you. You get to notice small signals that would previously have gone unnoticed, and you can make adjustments accordingly. Hard work, but so rewarding in the end!

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