A life lead simply has undergone a few transformations in its short life. We see this as a good sign - forever moving, changing, moving towards being your truest self. We think we are there now - we have figured out what we want to stand for, what we want to offer and what our contribution to this world is going to be.

What we believe:

  • Keep it real, keep it natural. That applies to everything we do, from cooking and cleaning to having fun, even medication.

We are not here to convince you of anything. Rather, see how we live and if that appeals to you, then join us. If not, and we merely entertain or fascinate you, please stick around. And if this scene is not at all what you are looking for, then please move along swiftly. We are living our life, one bamboo and hemp switch at a time, and loving every moment of it. We have our bad days, our dramatic days, and our interesting days, and we would love to share them all with you.


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