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Esrida Brits

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Esrida Brits

Hi! I am Esrida, wife to one and mother to two beautiful little girls. I was born and bred in Pretoria, in sunny South Africa. I run on coffee and by choice only wear makeup when I have to look socially acceptable. The rest of the time you will find me in my active wear.

I believe that if you don’t dream big, you might as well leave it. With the help and support of my awesome husband we are slowly building an empire! But always based on our own terms of success. For me, that is plenty of quality time with my family and friends and lots of laughter with my kids.

My own journey has not been free from bumps and I have taken my share of punches. Most recently I have had my own struggles with depression, after realising that I have been doing an intricate dance with anxiety my whole life. This realisation, coupled with severe burnout and a depression episode that left me unresponsive for weeks, led me to reevaluate my entire life. Things had to change. I had to bring balance into my life, especially since I tend to swing to one side whenever I feel impassioned, just to let everything go the moment I get another inspirational idea.

That was the start of this balance project - to bring my life back on track. To know when I should let go, when to start, and what triggers to look out for. As I move from being an empty shell back to the person I used to be, I would love nothing more than to inspire someone else who might be on the same journey. If I can reach even one person, then all of this has been for a reason. Then my life means something, and isn’t that what we all want - to be significant?

A life lead simply, my baby and project that I started just to be able to put my thoughts on paper, has grown into something bigger than me. And I am so excited to see what it will be when it grows up!


Darius Brits

One of the most stable and dependable people I have the pleasure and honour to know. We basically grew up together, and are (mostly) happily married. I drive him insane and he drives me nuts. Together we have 2 beautiful little girls, and he will do anything and everything for them. And for me. He is our hero, and I don’t even think he knows it…

An avid gamer with a law degree, he has a new-found passion for marketing and business strategy. He specialises in labour law, runs a smoke house and just finished his MBA. A rockstar through and through!

My passion is to help others restore the balance in their lives. Yes, balance is a myth and is unattainable at the best of times, but that doesn’t mean it is not something to strive for. When we bring our lives into calmer waters we immediately function better. The yearning for balance is what drives us to accomplish more, to dream bigger and to serve others. So let us all continue searching for that balance!

At A life lead simply we believe that life should be easy, carefree, and simple. Although not always possible, we can each do our part in trying to accomplish this not only for ourselves but for others as well.

After all, there is no greater joy in life than knowing you helped someone else to smile bigger, laugh louder, or love deeper.


why a life lead simply?

The vision behind A life lead simply is to share our experiences and knowledge on how to make your life a little less complicated, to restore balance, and to realise your priorities, because we believe there is an absolute joy in a simple life.

A life lead simply is also my creative outlet, my venting space, a place where I can go and hide after a long day or share my happiness. The aim is not to be a blogger, but rather a guide intent on sharing my life, my story, my challenges and my achievements.

Join us on this journey, share your own experiences and get to know the story behind the screen.

Who else is part of our little tribe?


Our first born, she is our sensitive child. Quick to feel the mood of a room, she feels responsible to fix everybody’s problems. She reminds me to be gentler, more impulsive (like I really need a reminder) and more loving. She is not great with touch, so you need to show her love and affection in a different way. Words matter, and she remembers almost everything that you say. The good and the bad. My sunshine social child, she brings the energy and vibrancy to any gathering!




Our second baby, and our last born. We always thought you couldn’t get a busier child than A1. Then A2 arrived. Boy where we wrong! She never sits still, and when she does you need to get worried - shit is going to happen! She is wild and free and have a will of her own. Do not tell her what she must do! She doesn’t like people, being more of a loner she will allow you into her space if she knows and likes you. But she is also highly affectionate, loving hugs and cuddles. Just don’t do it wrong!