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Simplify your life: Mess leads to stress so declutter today! [free mini course]

I love the saying mess causes stress. It is definitely true in my life – the messier and chaotic my surroundings, the messier and chaotic my mind. I get anxious when I am surrounded by unorganized untidiness, and even more so when that untidy area is what is supposed to be my safe space – my home. Although clutter has not formally been recognized as a known stressor, the link between a cluttered home and increased levels of cortisol has scientifically been shown, and I am sure many of my readers will agree. Stress is definitely amplified by mess as clutter overloads your senses, just like multitasking overloads your brain.

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Simplify your life: Life hacks to automate your responsibilities and duties, to make your life easier

In my quest for the simple life, I have removed so much from my life that whatever is left can be considered really important. Even life-affirmingly important. Unfortunately, there are still a few things left that, although important, are not that important that I want to spend my decision-making powers on it. Things like paying bills, deciding what is for dinner, and remembering who has their birthday when. Fortunately, there is an easy way to deal with many of these small “annoyances” and errands – automate!

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Simplify your life: decrease your anxiety levels and simplify your life by making budgeting your new best friend

A budget does not control your spending, it simply reminds you to work with your money intentionally. If you want to simplify your life, lower your stress, sort out your anxiety and make life just easier in general, then start budgeting. Having a concrete plan means you do not have to mentally track every financial transaction, freeing up that mental space to rather deal with more pressing matters. Even if you can list “good with money” as one of your top skills, you can still improve your life by creating a monthly budget.

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