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Simplify your life - Natural pain relief that are worth looking into - I don't mind being the guinea pig! [not a doctor!]

I was diagnosed with arthritis about 6 months ago. My preliminary tests indicated Rheumatoid, but my rheumatologist was not entirely convinced. Maybe osteo, maybe oligo, or any of the other arthritis variations. He also considered fibromyalgia, but before he could make a definite diagnosis I stopped going to him. I was tired of being prodded and poked and just getting more and more pills while nothing else really changed. That really riled me - why is healthcare only defined by the medication that you can be prescribed? Why do our medical practitioners (most of them in any case) not consider other factors? And then recommend a holistic approach? Do the medical community not understand that inflammation is caused by something that irritates the immune system, and that SOMETHING can be anything from physical activity to food allergens.

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Simplify your life - Natural treatment: Children with asthma - sucking the breath out of your childhood

A1 never gave us even a slight worry that she might have asthma. No niggling cough or wheezing chest. With A2 this was another story. She got chest infections easily. Her coughing never stopped, most days getting so bad that she would vomit. Her chest was graggy and made a faint wheeze when she breathed. She had her first proper attack just shy of 18months. Shortly after another. And another.  We ended up in ER with her with blood oxygen levels of 72 where it is supposed to be 95. After this episode, her paediatrician "diagnosed" her. I say "diagnosed" because before the age of 5 any medical opinion is given solely on the grounds of observation and medical history. After 5, or as soon as the child can follow more complex instructions, a breathing test can be done for a formal diagnosis.

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