Simplify your life - Getting back into shape... or rather trying to [Habits of well-being]

I have always been kind of athletic and not really unhealthy or overweight. I was always able to lose unwanted weight quite easily and with minimal discomfort. But I can tell you two pregnancies take their toll on your body, even if you had the best intentions. You know what they say about the best-laid plans...

After A1 I really struggled. Although I wasn't in bad shape when I fell pregnant and didn't pick up that much weight during the pregnancy, I ended up looking (to myself probably more than others) horrendous. Breastfeeding only worsened the problem with me first picking up weight because of the breastfeeding and then because I was put on Eglonyl to stimulate milk supply. The situation only started to change after my miscarriage when A1 was already 14 months old. I stopped breastfeeding, meaning I could stop taking the Eglonyl, and that helped almost immediately. Realising that should the miscarriage not have happened, and the pregnancy was successful, I would be putting myself and my baby at risk and a major disadvantage because my body and mind were not in the right space. This realisation made me start paying attention to what I ate, and how much I moved. 

I started exercising again. Back in the gym, I did yoga and pilates, and a lot of running. Over weekends, when we had the chance, we did the Park runs. It was fun, and I loved seeing how my body started to change, becoming stronger every day. Not only did my body improve, but my mood and stress levels as well. I have always been super sensitive to exercise - I become depressed when I don't move enough. Luckily it is easy to control when you know that you have a "problem". 

With my second successful pregnancy, I lost weight. Yep, I actually lost weight instead of gaining. The biggest reason would be the fact that I kept on exercising, and changed my diet completely. With A1 I developed gestational diabetes, and with A2 the threat also loomed. So I cut out all sugars, carbs, and other bad foods, rather focussing on fresh vegetables and some fruit. I also struggled with morning sickness for the first 4 months, and could not stomach meat or dairy. I felt great (except for the constant vomiting). After her birth, I tried my hardest to get back into the routine. But working full time (and over weekends), with a newborn and a 2-year-old, running the household and trying to schedule some self-care takes its toll. There are only 24 hours in a day, and I need to sleep sometimes.

Now, A2 is already 19months old. I am still trying to get back into the exercise groove. Some days and even some weeks it goes great. Others not so much. But I am trying, and most of the time I can fool myself into thinking, and feeling, that there is a permanent improvement. Just as long as I don't stop trying!

Share with me how you got back into shape after the birth of your kid(s).

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