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Simplify your life: Self-care is essential to lead a simple life [Habits of well-being]

Society puts so much pressure on us to succeed. Add to that obsessive, competitive personalities and additional pressure to be the best mother/daughter/partner/businesswomen/friend/etc. and you have a recipe for disaster. So often we don’t even notice that we are running at full steam, without ever taking a break to recharge. From the outside it looks as if we have it all together – a thriving career, obedient well-rounded kids, a loving relationship, a clean house. But on the inside we are slowly dying of exhaustion. Of course, most of the goals that we are killing ourselves to meet were set by us ourselves, and only we will know if we do not reach them. But still, we allow the pressure to steal our time. Time that is also meant to be enough to take care of ourselves.

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