Best summer braai recipes - Compilation

Best summer braai recipe compilation, A life lead #braai #southafrica #summer

Today I decided to do things a bit differently. Usually, I give you one of my own tried and trusted recipes, with photos and step-by-step instructions. Today I decided to rather give you a compilation of other recipe and food writers. Not because I am lazy (which is probably part of the reason) but because there are so many amazing food bloggers and writers around me, and I feel why reinvent the wheel if I can merely point you in their direction. The inspiration for this compilation came from the short burst of warm weather that we had the past two weeks. Although this was quickly followed by two cold fronts (thanks spring) it still left me craving long summer braais with friends and family. Oh, and the rugby world cup is not helping either! In South Africa, we joke that no matter what, we braai (our form of barbecuing for those who don’t know), and even more so when the Bokke are playing! So, in honour of the World Cup, our nation’s pride the Springboks, and hopefully summer, here are my favourite summertime braai recipes:

Starters or Snacks:

Seriously lekka skilpadjies

Peri-peri chicken lollipops

I hope you find something that you would like to try, and when you do please send us a pic of your effort! Happy summer to you all!

Best summer braai recipe compilation, A life lead #braai #southafrica #summer
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