Single mama walking in simple faith, relying on God to help guide her on this solo parenting journey

The aim? To not just survive but thrive! To raise my two girls as warriors for Christ, who will never feel as if they were raised in a broken home. Wanna join? Then subscribe to become part of the tribe.

This blog follows along on our journey, and I cover the things I feel most passionately about – single-mamadom, faith, and lifestyle, with a good dose of anything else in between. Read along to find out more.

  • Starting birthday traditions with the kids
    As a single mama I found it very freeing to start my own, new traditions with my kids around special days such as their birthdays. It made the changes that were happening easier, and the kids felt safe and loved. Here are a few ideas for you to use.
  • The dreaded B-word: Budgeting
    If you are raising kids on a single income, with or without help from the other parent, you need a plan. And a budget is exactly that. Learn how to do one to help make your money stretch as far as it can go.
  • Why kids need to know Christ
    My reasons why it is important for me to teach my kids about God and Christ.
  • Address the “I” in parenting
    Finding out who you are is the first step to being the best mom you can be. Find out who is the “I” in parenting.
  • Hello, 2021! My wishes for you
    Although 2020 was a tough year, I think it gave us all a solid foundation to build on. Here are my heartfelt wishes for you and your family for 2021
  • Simplify your life now
    My top tips for making your life easier, simpler and more manageable in the new year. Take it from me, we can all do with a bit of simplification! Especially us single mamas
  • Dealing with Single Mama burnout during the festive season
    Dealing with all the responsibilities you normally have, plus whatever the festive season adds, is tough. Even more so if you are a single mama. Here are my tips for helping you deal with burnout, a looming companion that you need to keep at bay.
  • Single mama Christmas
    Grieving through the joy of the season as I face my first Christmas as a single mama
  • Why do we have so little grace with our kids?
    Realising that I need to approach my parenting with more grace, to forgive my kids faster and to help them learn how to respond instead of react. Single mamas, we need to give ourselves more grace as well.