Just because you are single parenting doesn’t mean you have to do it alone

Join me, fellow newly single mom of 2 small kiddies, as I figure out this single parenting business. From working out budgets to time management, being the discipliner as well as the comforter, meal planning, and emotional rollercoasters, I cover it all and document it as I learn.

  • Activity-based advent calendar (no sweets, candy or little gifts)
    Ideas for making an advent calendar that emphasizes memories and not things. Experiences and activity based, no sweets, candy or little gifts.
  • How to get smaller kids excited for Christmas
    Kids are amazing reminders of the wonder, joy and magic of Christmas. Here is how to ensure your little one understands the reason for Christmas, and enjoy it to the max at the same time
  • Nurture creativity
    Creativity. A word that encapsulates so much. In context, it refers to idea generation, problem solving, innovation, creation, free-thinking, and risk-taking. It does not necessarily mean rebellion, anarchy or discord. Creative people can be the boundary-pushers, the problem solvers, the leaders. But mostly they are the entertainers, the creators, the developers, the motivation speakers, the chefs. If you stimulate your imagination you can creatively find solutions to almost anything. It is a marvellous skill to have, and one that it seems all children are born with. So when do they lose it, and why do we allow it?