{DIY} Thirsty plants? How to make a wine bottle plant waterer

I absolutely love plants. I try to have something green all over my house, so almost every table/cupboard/shelf has a plant or flowers on it. And I have pot plants all over. But it does take forever to water them, and sometimes life happens leaving me little time left to actually take care of my plants. Or I simply forget. As part of my simplification journey, I wanted to make this also easier. And so a plan was devised. I decided to try something I saw ages ago - you use a used wine bottle as a plant waterer. People mostly employ them when they are going away on holiday and they have nobody to water their plants, but I guess using them as part of your normal daily life is also ok. Anything is ok as long as the plants are alive and thriving. That weekend it was my mission to get as many empty wine bottles as I had pot plants. Too many for myself and Husband to tackle alone, our friends had to come over and help us drink for “the improvement of human(plant)kind”. They did so well, I am so proud of them! 10 empty bottles later, I could start with my DIY project. This is how it went down:

They work brilliantly. I simply refill the bottles every few days, which is great compared to watering every second day. I do think that when it gets really really hot I will have to add another bottle to each pot, but that is fine since they now remember my chore for me :-)

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