{Natural DIY} Homemade & natural Honey & Coconut HAIR TREATMENT

I have never really had a problem with my hair, they kind of do what I want and are easy to style and care for. But it cannot hurt to do a treatment every now and then and so this product was born. I love combining recipes I find, tweaking them until I get my desired end product. Off course you are welcome to do the same!

For this recipe I used honey for its moisturising and strengthening properties, coconut oil to encourage growth, ACV to help with oiliness and essential oils not only for the fragrance but for their therapeutic properties as well. The best oils to use include lavender (encourage growth), wild orange (antiseptic), peppermint (help with dryness), lemongrass (oiliness and strengthens hair), rosemary (can prevent premature greying and dandruff) and clary sage (stimulates growth). You can add jojoba oil if you like, for added moisturising.

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