{Natural DIY} Homemade & natural CARPET CLEANER

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None of the houses that we have previously lived in had carpets. 3 out 3 only had tiles, wooden or laminated floors. The house we live in now unfortunately does have carpets. Carpets are so vile! Yes I get that they are warmer in winter, but if that is your reasoning then get a throw rug! At least that you can wash. Wall-to-wall carpets have only one reason for existing and that seems to be to attract dirt and grossness. Our current house is old, which indirectly mean that the carpets are old. Countless previous residents have walked over them, spilled on them, probably had pets on them. And no amount of washing can really get them clean - you can’t ever get that deep. Not only are they dirty, they also make allergies, asthma, headaches and sinus that much worse. They trap dirt and allergens and dust. Living on the carpets is a challenge, especially with 3 asthmatics in the house! Out of desperation to get them to a point that might resemble cleanliness, I designed this carpet cleaner. It is a powder, so you can decide how thick or thin you need to pour it on. Leave it for a while and then vacuum. It draws out the smells, disinfects and kills the dust mites.

You can change the oils used to suit your needs and nose. Just remember that some oils are not clear, like lemon oil, and that can lead to discouloration. Rather steer clear of any oil that is yellow, amber, green, etc.

A note –

when choosing your essential oils, just keep in mind that you want to incorporate antimicrobial properties into the cleaner. So choose oils that are antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, etc. Most oils have at least one of these properties, but some (like tea tree and eucalyptus) ticks more than one box. I use eucalyptus most of the time, together with a citrus scent just for a nice aroma. I used to use a lot of tea tree but suspect I might be a bit intolerant to the oil as I start to itch when I come into contact with it. It also makes my eczema flare up. Remember to always test your tolerance before using oils!

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