{Natural DIY} Homemade & natural ALL PURPOSE CLEANER

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All purpose cleaner was the first product that I changed when I saw the light all those years ago. Back then I was a brand ambassador for Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil, and they opened my eyes. After going through the training I went home and threw out my commercial cleaning products. Luckily they were almost empty in any case… Back then I used only tea tree oil diluted in water, and even liked the smell. Then I started experimenting with other combinations, using different oils depending on what the cleaner will be used for and in which room. E.g. for the girls’ bathroom I use more girly scents, but that still pack a strong antimicrobial punch, while in our bathroom I use more neutral and earthy scents. For the kitchen I go for citrus, and for the rest of the house woodsy. If I make only one bottle, I generally use eucalyptus, some form of citrus and tea tree oil. That is a good balanced scent that still does the job.

I also started infusing normal white vinegar with citrus peel, and now add that infused vinegar to my mix for the kitchen. It really improves the grease-cutting abilities and also smells fresh and clean. Again, one of the perks of making your own products is tweaking and customising until you get exactly what you want. I have noticed a bit of a sensitivity towards tea tree, to my horror, so I am using less of it. Can be that I have built up a tolerance, so will have to wait it out to see.

If you want to increase the cleaning power, you can add natural soap such as castile soap. Just remember you then have to wash off the cleaner once you are done cleaning. If you leave out the soap you don’t have to - it is like using a sanitiser that also removes dirt.

A note –

when choosing your essential oils, just keep in mind that you want to incorporate antimicrobial properties into the cleaner. So choose oils that are antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, etc. Most oils have at least one of these properties, but some (like tea tree and eucalyptus) ticks more than one box. I use eucalyptus most of the time, together with a citrus scent just for a nice aroma. I used to use a lot of tea tree but suspect I might be a bit intolerant to the oil as I start to itch when I come into contact with it. It also makes my eczema flare up. Remember to always test your tolerance before using oils!

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