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Why kids do not need that many toys - do them a favour and minimise!

Growing up, my 2 brothers and I had a few selected toys. I cannot even remember what they were other than my favourite teddy bear, and a bike. I remember riding around the farm, chasing the chickens, sneaking up on the cows, running through the cornfields (and itching like crazy afterwards). We played until it got dark, and woke up the moment the sun peaked out. The days were long but we were never bored. Even when we moved to the city, we still had our bikes. No computers, very limited television. We had ourselves and our imaginations and that was more than enough. Looking at my girls’ toys I wondered what went wrong. When did I forget my childhood and the joy we had? Enough. That was my decision. I wanted them to also experience the satisfaction in creating their own fantasy world, and know within my heart of hearts that it is their toys that are keeping them back. So I started to quietly and sneakily remove toys. These were donated to children’s homes, re-gifted, or simply thrown away in the case of the broken ones. Here and there they have asked for something that is now gone, but after fake-searching for a few minutes they forget about it and find something else to play with. Usually from the kitchen.

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Non-commercial and minimalist Christmas traditions to start with your kids [Christmas series]

Because I have to keep the kids busy and entertained over December (school is closed and because I work from home, I am the designated child-keeper) while building the anticipation for Christmas day, and keeping in the Christmas spirit, I have started a few traditions of my own. They are mostly activity-based, designed to keep the kids busy as well as giving them an incentive to behave. That doesn’t mean we skip some of the traditional traditions, such as going to a Christmas concert or listening to carols, it just means that we have a few extra things to do during December.

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