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Minimise toxins: Salicylate sensitivity or intolerance and essential oils

Someone close to me came to me with a problem, and a request to find a solution, or at least a suggestion. She has a salicylate sensitivity, which makes simply using “normal” things like food and medicine and beauty products a bit of a challenge. With winter approaching, she wants to support her immune system but are unsure of how to go about this. Some of the more conventional natural treatments, such as certain foods, that are normally pushed to be immune boosting, are out of bounds for her. Their levels of salicylates are too high. So the question was: which essential oils can she use, safely, that will still be effective in helping to keep her and her family healthy during the winter months.

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Intentional and mindful gifting [Shameless punting of our new online shop]

Living intentionally and mindfully becomes easy once you realise that life is less about doing and more about being. And the real joy comes in when we are able to share this realisation with those closest to us. One of the easiest ways of sharing, or introducing, your new way of living is through the gifts you give. Giving someone a gift presents the opportunity of giving them something they need (even if they do not know it yet) and dressing it up in a special way.

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