To us, natural is better

We embarked on our natural living journey roughly 8 years ago. I was busy with my Master’s degree, with a focus on conspicuous consumption and green living. During the research process I realised a few things:

  1. We are allowing things into our homes, our lives and our bodies that have not been proven safe

  2. We are allowing these same things to screw with our planet

  3. We are spending lots and lots of money buying products that are ineffective, not-proven-safe, and inefficient

  4. We can substitute most of these products with greener, more natural, cheaper and DIY products, and you do not need a science degree to do it

  5. The rewards far outweigh the cost

The first thing I changed was my personal care products - my face cream, body wash, lotion, and serum. Then my toothbrush, face cloth, scrubby, facial rounds and makeup remover. Then my menstrual cup and cloth pads joined the family, I swapped my plastic razor for a metal one and started playing around with fizz balls, bath eggs and other self-care products. Today, I sell most of these products through our online store.

Next, we changed our diet. No more sugar, no more processed food. Only real food, made from real ingredients, mostly by our own hands. We meal prep, batch cook and use as much of the product as we can. We try to live as zero waste as possible. You can see some of my recipes on this website!

Then, we changed our cleaning products as well as the kids’ personal care products. We looked to essential oils and herbs for health care and DIY medicines. We were a cloth diapering, co-sleeping, kale-eating cliche, but we loved every minute off it! Today, we are a bit more relaxed although we do still adhere to a few principles:

  • Keep it real, keep it natural

  • Eat it fresh, make it yourself

  • Say no to plastic

  • Waste not, want not

  • Toxins stay out!

We love the natural approach. If you would like to know more, here are a few posts that you might find interesting: