How rooted am I?

How rooted am I? Alifeleadsimply single mama finding her why
How rooted am I? Alifeleadsimply single mama finding her why

I have always been fascinated by plants. How they grow, how they are able to communicate with each other, how they can survive. Nature in all its fullness remains a miracle to me. So whenever I need to make sense of something I prefer to bring it back to a nature-inspired metaphor. It makes it easier for met to grasp and to remember.

In my devotional today the theme of living God’s word was explored. How we must meditate on his word daily. Something I struggle with – there just never seem to be enough time in the day to get to everything and Bible-reading so often gets scratched from the list. The author asked the question – how rooted are you?

Enter, my favourite – a nature image. In Psalms, it says if we live in His word, we will be like a tree planted by streams of water. Living water. Meaning that the roots will always be able to access water, and with that the nutrients, the tree needs to survive and thrive.

This will give the tree enough strength to grow and to have strong roots. Roots that run deep. If a tree has strong roots, it becomes almost unshakeable. The roots keep it stable and upright, providing support while further nourishing the tree.

When we rely on God’s word when we read and talk and listen, we are getting the spiritual nutrients that will give us strong roots. Strong roots that will help us withstand the challenges and traumas thrown at us. Roots that will support us and keep us healthy. And allow us to thrive.

In John, Jesus says that He is the tree and we the branches, and through pruning will we bear lots of fruit. So not only will God’s word keep us standing, but it will also allow us to provide, and provide abundantly.

How? By tapping into Him. By reading His word and living it every day. By being rooted in Him.

At the moment I feel like I was grafted onto another plant, but luckily a strong one. I am busy forming my own shoots, with their own roots. Because I want to be able to say that I am deeply rooted.

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