Family first

That is our motto. Unfortunately, and it fills me with shame, this has not always been our no. 1 priority. Like most young parents, we were so focussed on our careers and work that for a while, we neglected our kids, our family, our friends, and each other. Luckily we realised this sooner rather than later, and we now have the chance to fix it.

Darius had a corporate job, and was planning on climbing the corporate ladder. He was well on his way, when something clicked. We assume it is his MBA, which he is busy finishing, but somewhere during all the late nights and early mornings of studying he realised that his passion was not law. He loved marketing and business. Soon afterwards he decided to quit his corporate gig and focus on finishing his MBA while helping me run this blog, website and lifestyle shop. All the while gaining extra time to spend with us, the people who actually matters.

I have always worked for myself, except for a brief stint as a manager at one of our more well-know and much-loved restaurant chains. Oh and about 5 years of being a part-time junior lecturer at the University of Pretoria. Because I cannot sit still I have always kept busy with work, so much so that I ended up over-extending. A1 was about 6 months old when I spent a few hours alone with her. I was so busy during the first 2 years of her live that I missed most of it. To this day I am still trying to make up for lost time. A2 was a bit more privileged - I tried to be more present, although this has only really started to be successful in the last few weeks.

Life is a journey, and how we progress is a lot more important than the destination. Every step matters, and every step either brings you closer or further from where you want to be. We have decided to, firstly, move towards being a complete and happy family, and secondly, to take each other as our journey partners. There is nobody else I would rather face this road with, so he is basically stuck with me. Hope he wouldn’t have it any other way!

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