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Essential oils collection - Making your choice of carrier oil a bit less confusing: A handy list of carrier oils [oils101]

Although the use of essential oils are fairly straightforward, it can become a bit tricky and confusing when you start discussing carrier oils. There are so many, and all of them have their own benefits, uses, and info. Not only that, but some work better with certain oils compared to others, and of course some are easier or nicer to work with than others. When making natural DIY products, the choice of carrier oil can emphasise or interfere with the therapeutic properties of your essential oils, while also influencing the colour, aroma, and shelf life of your final product. I would wish to tell you that this guide is going to clear everything up for you, but it most probably won’t. There are too many factors to consider, and we are all different so we react differently. But I am going to try making it a bit less confusing! And at least when you do get overwhelmed you can refer back to this list of carrier oils to help steer you in the right direction. Also see the list of essential oils on the blog.

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Lavender essential oil: The essential oil collection [Oils101]

One of the most popular oils in the world, lavender essential oil is widely used. Although immensely common today, it was actually discovered only 2 500 years ago. The list of benefits include being an antioxidant and an antimicrobial, having sedating, calming and anti-depressive properties, and is used both cosmetically and therapeutically.

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