Simple guide to Essential oils - Uses and more [cheat sheet]

A few years ago I would not have believed you if you tried to convince me that I would use oils and other natural ingredients instead of commercial products to clean our house. Back then I would refer to this as too "hippie" or "airy-fairy". Luckily I got converted! After doing my fair share of research, asking around and testing myself my household is now a fully-fledged natural one. I make all of our cleaning products myself, most of our personal care products, and some of my make-up. And most of these products contain one or more essential oils. Some of them we use for the smell, others for their anti-fungal or anti-viral or antibiotic properties. Others because they de-grease, or make glasses sparkle, or combat wrinkles. There are oils to loosen mucus, open airways, keep germs away. Their uses are endless and we love them!

Because I want nothing more than to help you to simplify your life, I am going to share some of my best recipes, tips and tricks. Moving away from toxic and harmful commercial products is a great step in the right direction. Since using oils my home smells better, we are less sick, and everything feels much cleaner.