Concentration blend: The essential oil collection

Have a difficult test coming up or an important meeting that you have to pay attention in? Need to be alert and focused? Some days we need all the help we can get, and when that help is natural all the better!

Essential oils are great for a long long list of things, and concentration is one of them. Rosemary essential oil is regarded as the King of concentration, with lemon, cypress and peppermint following closely behind. Other oils that can be used include vetiver, lavender, cedarwood, patchouli, clary sage, ylang ylang, basil, sandalwood, frankincense and lime. Blend a few of them together to get the best results, and to also have a scent that is pleasing on the nose. Once blended, you can make use of a few different “delivery” modes, i.e.

Diffuse – add 5 drops of your chosen blend to your diffuser

Topically – in a rollerball bottle, mix 15 drops of your blend with 30ml of chosen carrier oil. Apply to the back of your neck, your temples, or wrists

Smell – mix your chosen oils and inhale the scent. This can be done as many times per day as you like, or as you need

Bath – add 15 drops of your chosen blend to 30ml of carrier oil. Add to your bath water. Or add 15 drops of your chosen blend to 1 cup Epsom salts. Shake well. Add to your bath water

Spray – place 1 tsp Epsom salt in a 20ml spray bottle. Add 15 drops of your chosen blend and shake vigorously. Top up with filtered water. Spray as needed.

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A few of my favourite blends:

Forest calm:

2 drops Eucalyptus

2 drops Grapefruit

1 drop Sandalwood

Citrus focus:

2 drops Frankincense

2 drops Lime

1 drop Grapefruit

Into the woods:

2 drops Sandalwood

1 drop Cedarwood

2 drops Rosemary

Zing it:

3 drops Rosemary

2 drops Lemon

Fresh and focused:

2 drops Peppermint

3 drops Lemon



Select one of the blends shown above. Then, choose which method you'd like to use the blend and follow the directions below.

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