DIY kids: Fairy crowns

Flower crowns, Alifeleadsimply DIY craft ideas for kids
Flower crowns, Alifeleadsimply DIY craft ideas for kids

We went into lockdown just as South Africa went into autumn. As the days started growing colder, and shorter, we at least had the privilege of still being able to play outside. This meant that, at least for the first few weeks, we spent 80% of our days outside, with most of our activities centred around nature. We played, climbed trees, built fairy gardens, made a club house, and then, I ran out of ideas…

Thankfully, life itself can be so inspirational. That night, while reading the kids a bedtime story, I got the idea for the next day’s craft: we will make flower crowns! Using the last of the season’s blooms, and then they can play in their fairy garden, giving me at least 30min of free time.

Flower crowns, Alifeleadsimply DIY craft ideas for kids

It worked like a charm. I made crowns for both the girls, and their “pet” unicorn, and for Ouma Hessie, and they played for the rest of the day.

If you want to try your hand at this, this is what you will need:

  • Florist wire, about 1 per crown
  • Florist tape
  • Vines or soft twigs that are long enough to go around at least half their head’s diameter. You can bind 2 or more vines together to make a crown big enough
  • Flowers, succulents, anything else you would like to add to the crowns

To make:

  1. Take your soft twigs or vines and wrap around your child’s head. Fasten the ends using the florist wire, making sure to make the crown a little bit smaller than the diameter of her head.
  2. Using the florist tape, go around the crown securing any places where ends are sticking out, or where there might be anything that can hurt your little one. You can also use the tape to secure the flowers onto the crown.
  3. Stick the flowers into the spaces between the wire and the vine, or use the tape.
  4. Be creative – the crown can look however you wish! Just be careful to not make it too heavy on one side. I learned that the hard way…
  5. And that is it. If you want the crown to keep for a few days, use succulents and spray the crown with water at night.

Enjoy! I hope this gives you a few moments to yourself, and if not necessary now remember December is coming up – a few weeks with no school or nanny… so get these ideas together for then!

Flower crowns, Alifeleadsimply DIY craft ideas for kids
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