4 ways single moms can defeat overwhelm

4 ways single moms can defeat overwhelm, Alifeleadsimply single mom single mama parenting advice

Being a PARENT can be overwhelming. Taking the responsibility of another tiny life on your shoulders can not NOT be overwhelming, right? Now try to do that as a solo parent – being the only one responsible for the day-to-day safety, security, happiness, and health of those tiny human beings. In that case, the word OVERWHELM doesn’t even start to describe how you feel.

Capsule wardrobe: Minimise your wardrobe without minimising your style

Capsule wardrobe - how to keep your style, Alifeleadsimply single mom hacks for productivity and keeping sane

In essence, it is a paired down closet that consists, in its entirety, of 30 to 50 pieces of clothing. The clothing items have been chosen to fit and pair with all of the other items, allowing you to create outfits from any top and bottom that you choose. Sounds awesome right? Right – it is. But I will also agree that the whole concept can seem a bit confining.

How to keep yourself sane during lockdown, with kids – 11 tips

How have you been faring? Coping? Not coping? Kids coping? Obviously, they have questions, and their insecurities not only feeds off of ours but also feeds ours. Vicious circle. I have tried my best to stay grounded and level-headed and would love to share with you my best tips. Hopefully, this can help you navigate the last stretch of this stormy journey!