How to keep Christ in Christmas

How to keep Christ in Christmas, Alifeleadsimply single mommy blog, rooted in faith

The time of year characterised by spending, over-indulging, giving and jollification. Who doesn’t like the festive season? It is so much fun to decorate your tree and house and garden and spend hours and hours looking for the perfect gift, cooking the perfect meal and hosting the perfect parties. We get so caught up in the glitz and glamour, with all the pressure to have the best Christmas that we sometimes forget the real reason for celebrating this holiday. We forget that we have to keep Christ in Christmas.

Starting your own Christmas traditions

Starting your own Christmas traditions, Single mama festive season, Alifeleadsimply (1)

This is your first year being a single mama, spending time with your kids over Christmas. You feel like they have gone through enough this year, so you want to make the holiday season extra special without reminding them of what they have “lost”. That means trying to steer clear of previous traditions and working on creating new ones for you and your single-parent family to enjoy year after year.

Nurture creativity

Nurture creativity, Alifeleadsimply single mama

Creativity. A word that encapsulates so much. In context, it refers to idea generation, problem solving, innovation, creation, free-thinking, and risk-taking. It does not necessarily mean rebellion, anarchy or discord. Creative people can be the boundary-pushers, the problem solvers, the leaders. But mostly they are the entertainers, the creators, the developers, the motivation speakers, the chefs. If you stimulate your imagination you can creatively find solutions to almost anything. It is a marvellous skill to have, and one that it seems all children are born with. So when do they lose it, and why do we allow it?