Exercise is self-care with an increased heart rate.

Using exercise as self-care, Alifeleadsimply

Exercise is a powerful tool, and it can become even more powerful if you include it as part of your self-care routine. Self-care is all about taking care of yourself to ensure you have enough energy, life satisfaction and overall happiness to enable you to take care of others. Without self-care, you will only be an empty shell unable to be there for anybody, including yourself

Essential oils as natural medicine [free printable]

Essential oils as natural medicine, Alifeleadsimply

Essential oils, in my house, is exactly that – essential. Not only do I use the oils for cleaning, and in my homemade beauty products, but also as easy and effective remedies for a long list of ailments. My medicinal journey started a few years ago when I attended a workshop on tea tree oil. … Read more Essential oils as natural medicine [free printable]