Capsule wardrobe: Minimise your wardrobe without minimising your style

Capsule wardrobe - how to keep your style, Alifeleadsimply single mom hacks for productivity and keeping sane

In essence, it is a paired down closet that consists, in its entirety, of 30 to 50 pieces of clothing. The clothing items have been chosen to fit and pair with all of the other items, allowing you to create outfits from any top and bottom that you choose. Sounds awesome right? Right – it is. But I will also agree that the whole concept can seem a bit confining.

Easy challah bread

Easy challah bread, Alifeleadsimply recipes

Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked bread, right? Right. At least, not in my books. A close second is the smell of onions and garlic frying, but bread – still takes the first spot. I would say it takes the cake, but cake is another story altogether, so let’s not mix our metaphors today.