Simplify your life - Capsule wardrobe: How to plan a winter capsule wardrobe for a toddler girl

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The worst thing imaginable has happened: I bought A WHOLE NEW WARDROBE for A1 for winter. Everything fit and looked good. 2 weeks later, yes you read right, 2 weeks later her pants were 3/4 length, the dresses sat like skirts, and the shirts exposed her midriff. Ok not quite that bad but close! /half the clothes are too small and winter hasn't even started yet! She grew like someone fed her plant food, and now I am afraid that she will either continue with this growth spurt (meaning even bigger clothes) or that this is the end for now and then she is stuck wearing clothes that are too big. Either way, I have the chance of facing a catastrophe since there is no way of telling beforehand. And I don't know if you have noticed but clothes are expensive, even (or especially) when in small sizes. I can't keep on buying new clothes, so now I have decided to approach this, in my opinion, the smart way: capsule wardrobe!

The idea is to have a complete wardrobe built out of 26 to 30 pieces of clothes (for kids I would go up to 34 or 36 pieces), so everything is supposed to work with everything else. The number of pieces does not take into account staples such as pyjamas, shoes, underwear and coats. I want to go a step further, building the wardrobe out of items that can function in more than one way, e.g a dress that can also be a tunic shirt, ski pants that can also be leggings, a dress that she can wear a long-sleeved shirt under to make a winter dress, sweatpants and top that she can sleep in and also wear to school, etc. 

This is what we ended up with: A1's winter capsule wardrobe:

  • 3 pairs of jeans

  • 2 sweatpants sets

  • 5 pairs of leggings

  • 1 tunic dress

  • 3 denim short sleeved dresses to be worn over long t-shirts

  • 2 lightweight long pants

  • 2 dress shirts

  • 10 long sleeved t-shirts, some plain and some with stripes, pics, etc.

  • 1 red fluffy vest

  • 8 hand-knit jerseys that her great-grandmother knitted for her, in different colours

Total of 37 pieces

Capsule style, winter wardrobe toddler girl 2018, A life lead simply, #winter #capsule #toddlergirl #capsulestyle #simple #simplelife (2).png

I will most probably add a dress that she can wear to smarter events during the winter months.

Other items: (these items don't count towards the capsule as you probably don't replace them every year, or they can be passed on to other siblings, etc.)

  • 1 bomber jacket

  • 3 coats

  • 3 sets of pyjamas

  • 3 pairs of gumboots (she only wears gumboots)

  • 1 pair of tekkies (trainers)

  • 1 pair of slippers

  • underwear and socks

  • 3 cloak-like knitted jerseys from Hessie (Great-grandmother)

  • 2 pairs of dress shoes

This capsule allows me to layer her clothes when it is very cold, and obviously to have fewer layers on days that it is warmer. When it is very cold, she might wear a long t-shirt, a jersey, a jacket over that, tights under her jeans, socks and boots. If it is VERY cold she can wear a short sleeved summer t-shirt under her long sleeved t-shirt, so that then doubles as a vest.

Some of the combinations that this capsule allows for:

Have you tried to simplify your child's wardrobe? What about your own? Leave me a comment :-)