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Shownotes: How to treat inflammation in your body - do this now!

Your body was beautifully and wonderfully made with the ability to defend itself against most internal and external attacks. When your body senses something is wrong, i.e. that it is under attack, then inflammation is the body’s response to counter these attacks.

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Simplify series: Single-tasking for the win!

Decrease anxiety by simplifying your life: for increased productivity and focus become a single-tasker & forget multitasking.

Part of my Simplify your life series If you liked what you saw, please remember to subscribe to my channel, and hit the bell so that you get notified when I publish new videos.

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Simplify series: Rock a routine to simplify your life

Routines are those daily habits, those things that you do exactly the same, at the same time, on the same days. Routine makes kids feel safe, and as an adult, you will notice they have the power to calm and ground you. Knowing what to expect, and preparing for it in advance, takes the surprise (and exhaustion that goes with it) out of your day, freeing up your mind and energy to focus on the things that matter.

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