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Simplify your exercise routine [simple is better, after all]

Your journey to fitness can be a simple stroll, it doesn’t have to be a sprint unless you want it to be. That is the whole point – to not lose sight of yourself. To not get caught up in this process to such an extent that it takes over your life. The point of exercising, other than working on your idea of the perfect physique, is to clear your head and enjoy the rush of dopamine and endorphins. Anti-depressants at their best. If you focus and fixate on the bells and whistles you forget that you are doing this for your own best will. Not to make the brands piles of cash.

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Self-acceptance is to simplify your idea of yourself

Self-acceptance is much more than self-confidence or self-esteem. It stretches further than body positivity, so far that it touches on the divine. Because only when we truly accept ourselves, the good, the bad and the ugly, are we freeing ourselves to become what we were born to be. Only then can we grow into the divine creatures we were envisioned to become.

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Self-care for Moms - yes you also need it, you deserve it, and you can make time for it. Here is how

Parenting is tough, especially when you really really really want to be a good parent. Focusing on your kids while focusing on your career, your partner, your finances, your responsibilities, and all of those myriads of other things we inevitably end up having to deal with, can leave you drained and depleted. What most parents, and moms in general, forget to focus on is themselves. There never seems to be enough time or space or money or whatever the excuse is to take care of themselves.

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