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My favourite zero waste bloggers {South Africa}

Although Zero Waste is not a new concept, it is yet to take off in South Africa. We have a few ambassadors, and people who have taken to the movement like a fish in plastic-filled water. But there is room for a lot of improvement. We are trying to make our own mark, and to live our best life and in such a way lead by example. But that is not possible without a bit of inspiration and motivation, and for that I like to follow like-minded individuals. So I read other people’s blogs and posts and follow them in their daily lives. If you would like to do the same, here is my list of the best zero waste bloggers in South Africa

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Hosting a zero waste bridal shower – leaving a positive impact on the earth while celebrating - yes it is possible!

Someone close to you is getting married, and you have the honour of planning the bridal shower. Yeah! Or is it? You really want it to be special, but cringe at the idea of having to chuck bags and bags full of waste at the end of the day, never mind the single-use plastic utensils and décor that usually take center stage at such events. We also cringe at the idea, so let us help you with a few suggestions so that you can attempt to host a zero waste bridal shower.

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Easy zero waste swaps to begin your zero waste journey painlessly

When we first started on our zero waste journey there where a few things that we felt were so big and took so much commitment that we felt totally overwhelmed. This of course meant that we put of changes because we just could not deal with them at that moment. I can’t even remember what those things were, but looking back I do feel a bit silly. We made it a lot more difficult than it should have and could have been. Why? Probably because we are scared of change, and we were terrified of giving up our convenience - no matter in which form that might have been.

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