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Zero waste shopping: How to keep your plastic-usage low, even without access to a bulk store. Simple and small changes matter

One of the biggest challenges you will ever face on your zero waste journey is shopping. Unfortunately, the world has not yet caught on to this “trend” and most stores still package EVERYTHING in layers and layers of plastic. Or, if you are lucky enough to find a bulk store the chances are very good that they will stock some, if not almost all, of the usual basics but the moment you are in need of something more specific or “special”, back to square one – plastic.

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Going zero waste is not going to save the planet

I have been on this zero waste journey for a while now, and although I have had a few major setbacks, I have managed to overcome most of the challenges. We waste less, although not even close to zero. And when we do have waste, we are more conscious of it and try to dispose of it in the most responsible way. That being said, I will never pat myself on the back that I am saving the planet, one plastic-less day at a time. I am not naïve, and I can see the damage that has already been done and that we are continuingly doing.  And unfortunately merely going zero waste will not solve the problem.

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