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Easy zero waste swaps to begin your zero waste journey painlessly

When we first started on our zero waste journey there where a few things that we felt were so big and took so much commitment that we felt totally overwhelmed. This of course meant that we put of changes because we just could not deal with them at that moment. I can’t even remember what those things were, but looking back I do feel a bit silly. We made it a lot more difficult than it should have and could have been. Why? Probably because we are scared of change, and we were terrified of giving up our convenience - no matter in which form that might have been.

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Zero waste bathroom- the simple guide to an easy, toxin free and low waste bathroom make-under

If you have been playing around with the idea of going zero waste (or at least low waste) with your beauty routine, I am here to tell you that it is possible to do it with minimal issues. If you just get your mindset right you have already won half the battle. Instead of thinking you need to stop using certain products, or doing certain things, which can make you feel deprived, rather focus on the excitement of trying something new, saving some money, and streamlining not only your life but the planet as well.

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