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Give Dad his own custom-made essential oils perfume - zero waste, minimal, natural and simple

Father’s day is coming up fast, and of course I want to spoil Husband on this special day. Although I don’t really love these types of days (you know, Mother’s, Valentine’s, etc.) I do love the fact that we have kids who get so enthusiastic about these “celebrations” and so now I just roll with it. If you think about it, Father’s day gives you another very good reason to expose the people you love to more natural ways of living and giving. And on that note – here is a great idea for a Father’s day gift:

Homemade natural perfume for Dad, using manly essential oils.

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Minimise toxins: Salicylate sensitivity or intolerance and essential oils

Someone close to me came to me with a problem, and a request to find a solution, or at least a suggestion. She has a salicylate sensitivity, which makes simply using “normal” things like food and medicine and beauty products a bit of a challenge. With winter approaching, she wants to support her immune system but are unsure of how to go about this. Some of the more conventional natural treatments, such as certain foods, that are normally pushed to be immune boosting, are out of bounds for her. Their levels of salicylates are too high. So the question was: which essential oils can she use, safely, that will still be effective in helping to keep her and her family healthy during the winter months.

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Simplify your life - Natural pain relief that are worth looking into - I don't mind being the guinea pig! [not a doctor!]

I was diagnosed with arthritis about 6 months ago. My preliminary tests indicated Rheumatoid, but my rheumatologist was not entirely convinced. Maybe osteo, maybe oligo, or any of the other arthritis variations. He also considered fibromyalgia, but before he could make a definite diagnosis I stopped going to him. I was tired of being prodded and poked and just getting more and more pills while nothing else really changed. That really riled me - why is healthcare only defined by the medication that you can be prescribed? Why do our medical practitioners (most of them in any case) not consider other factors? And then recommend a holistic approach? Do the medical community not understand that inflammation is caused by something that irritates the immune system, and that SOMETHING can be anything from physical activity to food allergens.

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