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30 Day challenge: Going vegan for a month

Veganism is all the rage, and I thought I will get in on the action. It started so well, but then... Watch the video to find out!

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Self-care series: 11 things a man should do to improve his life

Self-Care has become a very trendy term and men need to evaluate what it means and start to practise it. However, they (we) are reluctant to do it because it sounds a bit too touchy-feely or our egos hold us back because we feel nothing is wrong with us.

But we all want to improve ourselves and grow as a human being. So instead of calling it self-care this video will give you 11 things a man should do to improve his daily life. See what on the list best suits you and implement that. You do not need to do all 11 immediately see what you can do now and experiment with a few to see what works.

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Self-care series: Self-care ideas for busy Moms

Focusing on your kids while focusing on your career, your partner, your finances, your responsibilities, and all of those myriads of other things we inevitably end up having to deal with, can leave you drained and depleted. What most parents, and moms in general, forget to focus on is themselves. There never seems to be enough time or space or money or whatever the excuse is to take care of themselves. Yes, our lives are busy. Yes, we do have seemingly more important things to focus on. Yes, we are allowed to live for our kids. But no – you are not allowed to forget yourself. And no, self-care is not selfish. You are not taking time or money or space away from the people you love. You are not neglecting your kids when you take care of you. In actual fact, you are improving yourself for them. You are ensuring that you have the mental clarity, the energy, the patience and the willingness to give them more of yourself, more of the time.

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