Simplify your life - 24 Things you can do now to make your life simpler

  1. Create a morning routine and an evening routine

  2. Automate as much as you can – payments, mail, etc.

  3. Use a cloud-based service such as Dropbox

  4. Keep track of your expenses as they happen – Wave is great

  5. Assemble a mini daily-essentials kit

  6. Make a “bare minimum” travel packing list

  7. Capsule wardrobe – know your style, then create “uniforms”

  8. Stop multitasking

  9. Choose quality over quantity

  10. Start batching tasks together

  11. Time block your schedule

  12. Turn off push notifications

  13. Delegate

  14. Schedule a digital delete day monthly

  15. Carry a reusable bag, a glass or metal water bottle and always have a small notepad and pencil with you

  16. Declutter

  17. Have a “do nothing day”, regularly

  18. Institute a power hour – do all the things you’ve been putting off

  19. Set timers

  20. Have a “go” bag in your car

  21. Plan your outfit for the next day

  22. Work out a 14-day meal plan with a shopping list, then rotate the menus

  23. When cooking dinner, double the recipe to give you leftovers for lunch, or to freeze for later

  24. Use an email inbox cleaning app such as Rollup