DECREASE YOUR ANXIETY BY SIMPLIFYING YOUR LIFE: Capsule wardrobe - the productivity secret of many over-achievers [Printable]

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About a year ago I started playing with the idea of starting a capsule wardrobe.  Just never got around to it. Then the disaster with A1's wardrobe happened (read about it here) and I changed her wardrobe to a capsule. It worked so awesomely that A2 's wardrobe followed. And now it is my turn. 

When I say I just didn't get around to it it is only half the truth. The other half is I was scared. I own A LOT of clothes, but from the huge pile, I only bought maybe 10% myself. I love inheriting clothes and have no issue with second-hand threads. So I have jackets and dresses and more that I took from my deceased grandmother, friends and family who outgrew (literally, they picked up weight, as well as figuratively) pieces and a few that other people bought for me. A true mixture of styles, textures and textiles. As I myself have had body issues, and have fluctuated in size over the past 4 years (3 pregnancies have a lot to do with it) I have not really thrown anything out. What now happens EVERY SINGLE MORNING is I stand in front of my closet with literally nothing to wear. My clothes are old, stained, ill-fitting and just plain out of style. Last week I decided enough is enough! I assume I am pretty much the shape and size that I will be, so I don't really have to worry about throwing out my "fat clothes". And face it I will never again fit into my pre-pregnancy size 32. So they can also go. After throwing out the old, useless and ugly I was left with what I will now refer to as my core. At this stage the only core that is strong - hahaha.

Before I explain to you what is in my core capsule, let me first touch on why having a capsule is a great idea:

  1. It saves you money. Since everything kind of goes with everything else, you don't have to worry about individual outfits. Very economical.

  2. It saves you time. Having a kind of uniform means you can (if you wish and if you are inclined that way) grab a top and bottom from the top of your piles and the outfit will not only fit you but also be coordinated.

  3. It saves mind space. Simplifying your daily routines and responsibilities means freeing up headspace that can be used for more important thoughts and decisions.

  4. It saves space. No need for extra storing, or using Husband's closer because you don't have enough space. With a capsule, you can make a month's worth of outfits from a mere 30 to 40 pieces. And they fit in a normal closet.

You see, just benefits all around! Now the next question is, how did I decide on my core capsule? In my case, it was out of necessity and composed out of pieces I already owned. I have not gone out to buy anything. But when that need arises I will follow the following guidelines:

Decide on your basic capsule. That is what I call those items that you own and replace only when they are falling apart. The items that are generally seasonal and kind of usage-dependent. I jotted down my categories and decided each category may have 10 items in it. For me, my categories are:

  • Exercise (tops, bottoms, bras, trainers)

  • Seasonal (swimwear, coats, etc.)

  • Formal (dresses, shoes, tops and bottoms)

  • Sleep

  • Around the house

  1. Identify your style. I like wearing clothes that are comfortable, functional and a bit grown-up. My go-to outfit is jeans or leggings with a top or a plain dress. I wear sneakers and pumps a lot and try to stay clear of sandals. So my style is casual. Here I am not talking about formalwear, just your day-to-day.

  2. Identify the lifestyle categories that you get dressed for, then single out your top 3. My top 3 categories would be active, work, and daily.

  3. Decide on the colour scheme of your core. Mine is natural and neutral (brown, beige, grey and black) with accents of blue and burgundy/red. Here and there I have something that breaks the mould, but when I have to replace it most probably it will be in a neutral colour.

  4. Now tackle your cupboard. Throw out anything that is ugly, stained, ripped, too big, too small, or that you hate wearing. Look at what you have left. Do the items compliment each other? Remove the items that fit into your identified basic capsule categories. Also remove the items that definitely falls into a season, e.g. a floral skirt or woollen pants.

  5. Whatever is left will then form the basis of your core capsule. For it to work, you will roughly need the following:

  • 10 tops

  • 10 bottoms

  • 5 dresses that can be worn all year round

  • 5 pairs of shoes (shoes that you can wear year-round e.g. pumps or sneakers. Your sandals and boots will form part of your seasonal additions so don't count them in here)

Simplify your life, improve your productivity, change to a capsule wardrobe - free printable planner with essentials, A life lead simply (12).png

These should be items that you can wear the whole year. Good pieces to have include jeans, tank tops (in the winter wear them under your longsleeved shirts for added warmth), and dresses that you can wear over long sleeved t-shirts and leggings in winter or as is in summer.

My core cupboard is composed of the following:

  • 4 pairs of jeans (1 black, 1 jegging, 2 comfortable blue pairs)

  • 4 leggings (2 black, brown, coloured)

  • 2 skirts (pencil, long)

  • 4 tank tops (beige, black, white, grey)

  • 3 pairs of sneakers (white, black, navy)

  • 2 pairs of pumps (grey, pinkish)

  • 5 dresses (grey and black long, denim short, blue short, black short, brown long)

The items that are seasonal are packed away, to be taken out when that season rolls around. 

We are now going into autumn (in Pretoria, South Africa, autumn lasts about 4 months then it only starts getting cold!) So I will add a few pieces to help with the transition (like light pashminas or light jackets for the cooler mornings and evenings) and again a few different pieces for winter.  Think long dresses and oversized sweaters with boots.

If you are keen to start your own capsule, download my easy printable to help you get started! Also, keep coming back to get the articles on my spring/summer capsule and autumn/winter capsule!

Enjoy the planning, but even more enjoy the simplicity that you achieve with a capsule.

Follow me! A life lead simply,