Simplify your life: Make meal planning your next big project, and then part of your weekly routine [free printable]

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I have been planning on doing meal planning for years. Literally four years… I don’t know why I struggle with it, because I am an awesome planner. Maybe that is my issue – I tend to over complicate things and try to plan the heck out of anything and everything. But now I am giving it another go, maybe my last try at organizing this seemingly unorganisable part of my life and one of the biggest headaches I have every single day. What made it difficult for me was the unpredictability of my household’s appetite and eating habits. Today, they will all get home starving, tomorrow nobody is hungry. Or I cook extra so that we can have lunch the next day but then they enjoy the food so much they eat it all on the night. You guessed it, no lunch the following day. I still have no solution for these problems, but going to attempt to be successful this time.

To keep it simple, I am only going to look at dinners and snacks. Breakfast is usually just yogurt, or eggs over weekends (I will add one or two variations, maybe a full week’s breakfast over time) and lunch is supposed to be the previous night’s leftovers. Snacks are more for the kids, and since we try to eat as little sugar and dairy as possible the snacks tend to be lchf or paleo.

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Here is my attempt at meal planning, for this week:

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