Intentional and mindful gifting [Shameless punting of our new online shop]

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We live busy lives. Nobody can argue with that. If I asked you to sit quietly for a few minutes and tell me what you had for lunch yesterday, will you be able to? And if you can name the dish or item you had, can you describe how it tasted? Was it hot or cold? Enough salt? Anything that stood out, or was different than usual? I bet not even 10% of our readers will be able to do this. Why is that?

I believe it is because we are going through our days on auto-pilot. We do things that are necessary for our survival for exactly that reason - to survive. We have pushed joy and experience to the back of our minds. To that place reserved for our other dreams, all neatly tagged with “one day when I have the time”. And that one day very seldom comes. We keep running from one thing to the next, like little hamsters running on their wheel.

As part of my simple life journey, I do a lot of reading, soul searching and learning. Lately, I have learned 4 mind-blowing things:

  1. We glorify busy, and it doesn't deserve the gravitas that we attach to it

  2. Many of the things that we see as urgent or important won't even be missed if it never happens

  3. By living a slower life we can still get to everything we have o do, we just do a better job because we are not rushed, and we can enjoy the scenery on the way

  4. By focusing less on stuff and more on experiences and making memories we move our value system to include people and not possessions

  5. By slowing down and focusing on the moments instead of the things, we start living mindfully and intentionally. This glorious feeling of appreciating every day and every minute within the day makes us less inclined to waste time. Now we attach a palpable value to each second, each material possession and every human encounter. Our sense of value can be passed on to those we choose to surround ourselves with, which in turn adds value to their lives.

Living intentionally and mindfully becomes easy once you realise that life is less about doing and more about being. And the real joy comes in when we are able to share this realisation with those closest to us. One of the easiest ways of sharing, or introducing, your new way of living is through the gifts you give. Giving someone a gift presents the opportunity of giving them something they need (even if they do not know it yet) and dressing it up in a special way.

We have focused our energy on creating gifts that you can give with an open heart and a clear conscious. All our gifts have been hand-selected, and must meet the following requirements:

  1. They must be natural, and earth-friendly. That includes plastic-free as far as possible.

  2. They must encourage the recipient to spend time on and even by themselves. So we include slow-products such as bath soaks, fizz bombs and face scrubs.

  3. They must be toxin-free. That is a non-negotiable.

  4. They must be locally made, and locally loved.

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If you want to give someone the gift of intentional and mindful living, this is a great place to start. With Mother’s day around the corner, start thinking about how you are going to gift the gift of me-time, and consider us - we help you give me-time in-a-box!

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