{Introduction} Hey!

Hey, my name is Esrida. I am a daughter, wife, mother, sister, friend, and boss babe. And I am all of these things at the same time. My days are filled with joy, chaos, panic and laughter, and very seldom do I feel that 24 hours are enough to get anything and everything done. I adore my husband (I got one of the good ones. He is great and we have been together for more than a decade) and I live for my kids - two beautiful girls with brilliant smiles. Although I always thought of myself as a boy-mom, God knew better and blessed us with two exceptional little girls. Both strongwilled and determined, they are my moon and stars, and I learn from them every single day.

I am a daughter to my Mom, who is also my business partner. Together we own and run a venue, restaurant and catering business. The hospitality industry in not for the faint hearted - we work when others play, sleep when the rest works (unless you have kids, then you never sleep) and we celebrate almost everything a week after the actual date. We always have functions on my birthday.

My friend-circle is not very big, mainly because I find it difficult to connect with people and have to consciously remind myself to invest time and energy into relationships. The biggest "problem" is the fact that I like to work. I am a real worker-bee, and cannot sit still. Watching television means also reading a book, playing with the kids, and making notes of whatever pops into my mind. And very easily I allow this constant busy-ness and (sometimes creating extra) work to come in the way of my relationships.

I am a true nature lover. Grass between your toes, wind in your face, sun on your back. That is bliss. Loving something of course means wanting to protect it, and so I am also a greeny. I try to live and exist as impactless as possible, and try to encourage others to do the same. This is not an easy journey, and I fail almost every day in some way. But at least I am trying! 

We all lead busy lives. There are so many hats that we have to constantly shuffle and keep track of. It becomes exhausting and then we start judging others who we feel have it easier. One of the best life lessons I have learned is that everyone is fighting their own battle, so be kind to others, and be kind to yourself. Part of being kind to yourself means not over-complicating things. Keep it simple, keep it natural, keep it minimalistic. There is a deep sense of beauty in simplicity, and I invite you to come and discover that with me!

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