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Self-care for Moms - yes you also need it, you deserve it, and you can make time for it. Here is how

Parenting is tough, especially when you really really really want to be a good parent. Focusing on your kids while focusing on your career, your partner, your finances, your responsibilities, and all of those myriads of other things we inevitably end up having to deal with, can leave you drained and depleted. What most parents, and moms in general, forget to focus on is themselves. There never seems to be enough time or space or money or whatever the excuse is to take care of themselves.

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Non-commercial and minimalist Christmas traditions to start with your kids [Christmas series]

Because I have to keep the kids busy and entertained over December (school is closed and because I work from home, I am the designated child-keeper) while building the anticipation for Christmas day, and keeping in the Christmas spirit, I have started a few traditions of my own. They are mostly activity-based, designed to keep the kids busy as well as giving them an incentive to behave. That doesn’t mean we skip some of the traditional traditions, such as going to a Christmas concert or listening to carols, it just means that we have a few extra things to do during December.

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