Simplify your life: Capsule wardrobe for a little girl [winter 2019]

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Capsule wardrobes. I have written extensively on this phenomenon (previous posts here, here and here). I have also gone so far as to change both of my kids, my own and Husband’s closets to capsule ones. For the kids’ capsules of 2018, you can read the posts here and here. This year, for some members of the family it was easier than for others. A1’s closet was a challenge for a few reasons:

1.       She goes through a lot of clothes on a bad day, and there is no way of predicting if it will be a good or bad day. Even on good days it is difficult to get her to not change her clothes if there is even just a small drop of water on a sleeve. She will want to change. She also gets cold easily so will wear a few layers, even in summer.

2.       She is extremely picky about what she wears. She loves wearing dresses, not so much shirts with pants. Skirts are out.

3.       Her clothes cannot be too tight, scratchy, too long, too short, too thick, not soft, etc. And she loves the colour pink, so don’t even bother buying any other colour.

4.       She gets clothes as presents very often. So I try my best to keep her closet small and capsule, but it never works for long. I have made peace with this.

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Before I explain to you what is in her winter capsule, let me first touch on why having a capsule is a great idea:

·         It saves you money. Since everything kind of goes with everything else, you don't have to worry about individual outfits. Very economical.

·         It saves you time. Having a kind of uniform means you can (if you wish and if you are inclined that way) grab a top and bottom from the top of your piles and the outfit will not only fit you but also be coordinated.

·         It saves mind space. Simplifying your daily routines and responsibilities means freeing up headspace that can be used for more important thoughts and decisions.

·         It saves space. No need for extra storing, or using Husband's closer because you don't have enough space. With a capsule, you can make a month's worth of outfits from a mere 30 to 40 pieces. And they fit in a normal closet. This point especially is of great importance since our two girls share a room with only one standard closet.


If we take what we know about her, i.e. she loves pink, dresses, wearing pretty clothes and being comfortable, it make it easy to plan her wardrobe. What is not so easy is sticking to the 26 to 30 piece guideline. I think we clocked in at about 47 pieces… But I don’t feel that bad since she wears everything, and all the pieces kind of fit with all the other pieces so making an outfit still comes relatively easily.


You must be wondering what is in her closet? Here is the list:

·         3 sleeveless puffer jackets

·         1 bomber jacket

·         7 pairs of pants including 2 pairs of jeans. She hates wearing tights so she wears light weight pants under her dresses.

·         8 long sleeved t-shirts

·         2 tracksuits (they double as pyjamas)

·         4 long sleeved warm tops

·         9 long sleeved dresses

·         Not pictured: 4 jerseys knitted by her great grandmother

·         Not pictured: 3 pairs of boots and 3 pairs of pumps

Total: 44 pieces plus the dress, pants and light weight jacket that she is currently wearing

What makes her capsule so good is the fact that almost everything works together. You can take any pants and pair it with any top and slap a jacket over and it will work. Buying everything in shades of pink, blue and black does make sense when you look at the big picture.


On days that it gets really cold we layer up: thick socks, denim jean, long t-shirt with a warm top over it, plus the jacket. If it looks like we are going to have a cold winter we will get her a few sleeveless vests to wear under the shirts or dresses, just to keep her extra warm.


To give you an idea, here are a few outfit combinations:

Yes her capsule is too big, yes there are a few “extra” pieces, no I am not changing anything. She is happy, we still have enough space and I don’t think any harm is being done. So for now, she has a bigger capsule. But still a capsule.

Have you tried the capsule method? If you have, please let us know how it went, any nuggets that you have picked up and would like to share?

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