Simplify your life - Capsule wardrobe: Planning a winter capsule wardrobe for a baby girl

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If you read my previous post about capsule wardrobes you will understand why I am so in love with the idea. If you have not read it, you can do so here. So after changing A1's wardrobe to a more capsule feel, I tackled A2's clothes as well. This was a bit more difficult to do. She is only 15months old and on most days require at least 2 outfit changes. We use cloth nappies, and sometimes they leak, or a smell comes through, then she has to be changed. She also LOVES playing outside and HATES being dirty, again leading to more changes than what is actually necessary. So working on the same amount of items as with A1's wardrobe proved to be a bit trickier. She also needs a few more warm items, but luckily most of them were "inherited" from her older sister. 

For her wardrobe, we focussed on a primary colour (pink) with a few accents of black, purple and beige. She does have a few red items, but they are few and far between. Some of her clothes are not pictured - she is currently wearing some, with 2 change of clothes in her nappy bag and a day's worth of clothes in the laundry. So yes we definitely went over the 34/36 items, but not by much. Not pictured - her vests, socks, and a jacket that she is currently wearing.

Here is what is in her capsule:

  • 3 jeans (1 not pictured)

  • 2 long sleeved dresses

  • 1 short sleeved denim dress

  • 3 long sleeved babygrows with tutus (2 not pictured)

  • 2 sweatshirts and pants (not pictured)

  • 3 warm tops

  • 10 long sleeved t-shirts

  • 7 hand knitted jerseys

  • 3 tunic-style jerseys

  • 1 sleeveless "vest"

  • 3 pairs of leggings

  • 3 pairs of lightweight pants (2 not pictured)

Total: 41 items

Also part of the capsule but not part of the 41 items:

  • 6 pairs of sock booties and shoes (2 not pictured)

  • 2 jackets (1 not pictured)

  • 1 sleeveless puff jacket

  • 6 sleeveless vests

What makes her capsule so nice is that most things fit with most things, so if and when she has an accident it is very easy to just grab another shirt/pants/etc. For shoes, we love the rubber-sole booties that you can get from most Pick and Pay Clothing or Hyper stores. The rubber means she doesn't slip, and they are warmer than just socks or most shoes. Also, you simply throw them in the laundry when they are dirty! So easy, and cheap as well (think we paid R89 a pair or something like that).  Here are some of the possible combinations:

Neither my kids like hats, scarves or gloves and luckily it is not that cold where we stay. But if your winters are freezing, add them - they don't count towards the 34/36 items :-)