Birthday letters: Amelia

Birthday letter to Amelia 4 year old, documenting life, Alifeleadsimply single mama blog
Birthday letter to Amelia 4 year old, documenting life, Alifeleadsimply single mama blog

My baby girl who is not much baby anymore. Except when you choose to be 😊

Today you are 4 years old, and I cannot believe it. Time has flown by, gaining speed with every passing day. And every day that ends just adds to my love and wonder of you.

From the moment I first saw you, you had stolen my heart. It is in the way you do things, the way you look at the world, the way you cock your head to the side as if contemplating deep thoughts – which you probably are. You are the cutest little princess I have ever met. All butterflies and twirls. You want the world to be pink and fluffy and sweet – because that is what you are.

Ever grateful, ever considerate. You have the smallest heart and the biggest smile. Always. From the moment you open your eyes in the morning to when you close them at night, you smile. And you want to take people with you on this joyful journey. Ever sharing, ever encouraging to have fun.

You went from the most relaxed baby to the busiest toddler. You literally never sit still. Not even to chew your food. I wonder if you can chew if you have to sit still? Sleep is not high on your priority list, neither is eating. We joke about “halfies Amelia” since you almost never finish eating anything.

It is very ironic since you go full out on everything else in life. You laugh out of your belly. You cry as if the world has ended. You dream big. And when you are on a roll, nothing can stop you.

You have gone through a very tough year, and you wore it beautifully. You never allowed your sadness to spill over onto anyone else. You carried it with tenderness, always ready to help carry your sister’s pain when she struggled. It is one of your best traits – your compassion and understanding.

With wisdom far beyond your years you tackle life. Where your sister can get serious at times, you love playing the clown. Always ready with a little dance or nonsensical song, made that more entertaining by your big eyes and wild curls. You are my sunshine girl, because you take sunshine wherever you go. Captivating all who comes within your orbit – like the sun.

Baby girl, you know – no matter how old you get, you will always be my baby. And I will always take my job seriously. The job of looking after you and your sister, to make sure you are safe. Happy, that you will have to do for yourself. But safe I can do.

Thank you for all that you bring to our lives, and how effortless you make it look. You are everything. I love you. More and more every day. Stay this precious, this innocent and this wild.

Love you.

Birthday letter to Amelia 4 year old, documenting life, Alifeleadsimply single mama blog
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